Welcome to Ilula Orphan Program (IOP), a community-based service organization that is changing the lives of thousands of children and their families in rural Tanzania. The IOP brings together the financial support of international sponsors and donors with the local expertise of its many committed Tanzanian staff and volunteers. The Ilula area faces a daunting triple threat of poverty, HIV/AIDS and water scarcity. IOP has chosen education and empowerment as the central tools to confront these challenges.

Beginning with the sponsorship of five students in 1998, the IOP has constantly expanded its role in transforming dreams into realities for children and families who otherwise would face a bleak future. Many of the current staff of IOP are former sponsor students who have returned to help the IOP develop and improve the work of IOP’s four programmatic departments. These include¬†Most Vulnerable Children, Women and Empowerment, Education and Culture and Sustainability, all of which combine to create over twenty different projects.