Future of IOP

As the Ilula Orphan Program continues to grow, so do its plans for the future. Plans, missions and goals are in development in every department to expand the reach and benefits of the Ilula Orphan Program. All of the plans for the future of the IOP were established with the vision of a healthy, educated, economically and socially developed Tanzanian community by 2030. Using the core values of volunteerism, commitment, respect and responsibility, the IOP hopes to realize a new standard of living for the entire Tanzanian community.

In order to achieve these goals, the IOP will need support from its international partners and donors. While the IOP continues creating and expanding new programs, it is working to maintain its commitment to existing core activities, like the Sponsorship and Foster Family Programs.

IOP’s current top five greatest needs are:

  • School Sponsors for Most Vulnerable Children
  • Foster Family Program funding
  • Salaries for employees (Ilula Orphan Center/ Kid’s Corner Preschool/ Lord’s Hill High School)
  • Continued construction of the Multipurpose Hall and Girls Hostel for Lord’s Hill High School
  • Dining Hall for Lord’s Hill High School
resizedIMG_4268Sollerud Montessori Preschool construction is well under way
resizedFINALcopyA construction worker lays brick for the Sollerud Montessori Preschool
resizedIMG_4306Construction is ongoing for many of IOP’s future projects

Within the Sustainability, Volunteers and Fundraising Department, the overall strategic goal is focused on establishing competent management and obtaining the necessary funds to complete IOP facility plans. Among the actions and targets for this objective are:

  • Improving the profitability of the shopping center, restaurant and workshops
  • Bringing 10 acres of cash crops and 40 acres of food crops under cultivation each year by 2019
  • Establishing wireless internet for the Lord’s Hill High School, Holland House of Books and the shopping center by August 2016
  • Increasing volunteer support by establishing additional partnerships, inviting Peace Corp volunteers, and creating volunteer guest hostel by 2019
  • Improving IOP’s environmental contribution by planting 159 acres of trees in local villages and implementing green energy technology in 70% of IOP programs by 2019
  • Acquiring a donor/partner for the 651 acre farm by November 2016

The Most Vulnerable Children and HIV/AIDS Department plans to attract more partners supporting different social, economic and health services to help improve the wellbeing of marginal groups in the community. With this support, actions and targets for this objective include:

  • Adding 25 new SILC (Savings and Internal Lending Communities) groups and 15 new VICOBA (Village Community Bank) groups by 2019
  • Establishing a clinic/dispensary and daycare center for employees and community by October 2018
  • Recruiting and registering 80 new Most Vulnerable Children/orphans to be sponsored each year
  • Increasing access to safe and clean water for 10,000 people through rainwater harvesting tanks in public areas established by the IOP with Norwegian Church Aid support

The goal of the Women and Empowerment Department is to provide education and work opportunities to youth and women. This will strengthen social, economic and political opportunities to obtain gender equality in the community. Actions and targets for this objective include:

  • Establishing a Youth Empowerment Center and a Young Mothers’ Empowerment (Incubation) Center
  • Expanding the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides to include 15 camps by 2019 and training 400 youth on relationships, mutual respect and equality
  • Increasing the number of PETS (Public Expenditure Tracking System) committees operating to 15 by 2019

The Education and Culture Department is focused on investing in high-quality education services and facilities for the student and other stakeholders to enable them to lead transformations in the community. Actions and targets for this objective include:

  • Finishing construction on the Lord’s Hill High School including the student hostels and the multipurpose hall by 2016
  • Building a computer laboratory, a sports house, five playgrounds and four staff houses to support the Lord’s Hill High School and other IOP programs by 2019
  • Formalizing partnerships to support the Sollerud Montessori Preschool, Lord’s Hill High School, Holland House of Books and the Ilula Tigers Sports Club
  • Beginning construction on the Primary School supported by donors in Luxembourg

In addition, the IOP is developing a Human Resources and Administration Department. The main goal of this department is to create an enabling environment that will lead to proud, competent and responsible employees. Actions and targets for this objective include:

  • Implementing mentoring, coaching and training programs
  • Filling 40% of positions in IOP with women by 2019
  • Strengthening volunteer management and contributions to reflect IOP needs
  • Introducing performance management systems, including workload allocation, flexible hours and Human Resource Manuals
  • Constructing an office staff building by September 2017

All this information and more are contained in the Strategic Plan 2015-2019.