Janna van Welsem

Janna van Welsem |18 years old | Udenhout, Netherlands

Janna van Welsem spent part of her gap year following high school volunteering at the Ilula Orphan Program for four months in 2015 through Volunteer Worldwide. While there, she aided in a variety of tasks including: teaching at the preschool, working as an office assistant for the Foster Family Program, writing newsletters, making cards and working at village markets selling items from the seamstress shop.

Comments on Her Experience:

Van Welsem detailed: “The Foster Family visit was very impressive because I visited a woman with nine children. She would take a baby on her back to work the land. You realize how poor people really are. You don’t realize that at IOP because of the care they take with their staff and children.”

 About IOP:

Van Welsem stated: “The IOP has influenced me in many ways, I’m not sure I entirely know how. They have showed me how serious they are and have influenced me to become more serious too. They really care about things. When I was working in the Netherlands, I didn’t really care about what I was doing but here, you have to care about your work.”


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