The Ilula Orphan Program prides itself on the professionalism and friendliness of their staff. Through the hard work and dedication of the IOP’s over 80 staff members, they have developed a strong presence in both the Iringa region and around the world.

The IOP consists of five departments: Most Vulnerable Children, Education and Culture, Women and Empowerment, Sustainability and Human Resources. Please see below for a list of department heads.


Founder | Berit Skaare
Managing Director | Edson MsigwaResizeIMG_6926copy
Program Coordinator | Atilio MbungaResizedIMG_7350 Women and Empowerment | Lynnchristine IsoteResizeCopyIMG_1352
Most Vulnerable Children | Gerald GabrielResizeIMG_6973 Education and Culture | Justine MhangaResizeIMG_7332
Sustainability, Volunteer and Fundraising | Tulia MkwamaResizeIMG_6628copy Volunteer Coordinator | Enicka SangaResizeIMG_7075