Tjamke Beunke

Tjamke Beunke |19 years old |Netherlands

Tjamke Beunke spent part of her gap year following high school volunteering at the Ilula Orphan Program for three months in 2014. While there, she did a variety of tasks including: teaching English lessons at the preschool and primary school, helping the Sponsor Program administration, writing newsletters and visiting villages to check on the living conditions of foster children

Comments on Her Experience:

Tjamke Beunke writes: “This whole experience was really an eye-opener for me! It was special to see how thankful these people are. It made me realize that we, people living in developed countries, should be happy with the opportunities we have and that those opportunities aren’t natural for everyone.”

About IOP:

Beunke stated: “The IOP staff are so hospitable and welcoming. That makes it easier to get an immediate connection with IOP. Everyone is so kind and thankful. It was an amazing to spend my time in Tanzania with such great people!”

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